Coronavirus vaccines do not require any antidotes, Consuming Suramine Can Be Dangerous – Bolivia Verifies
Coronavirus vaccines do not require any antidotes, Consuming Suramine Can Be Dangerous

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Coronavirus vaccines do not require any antidotes, Consuming Suramine Can Be Dangerous

A post shared on different social networks falsely says that IMmunizers against COVID-19 have harmful components and that an antiparasitic can help “detoxify” the body

Chain circulating through WhatsApp.

A post is shared in a chain on WhatsApp, in which it is ensured that the antiparasitic drug “suramine” acts as “antidote” that can be applied to those who were vaccinated against the coronavirus. The data is false, COVID-19 immunizers are not harmful, therefore, do not require any type of antidote.

If you consume suramine without a prescription you can cause serious side effects, among these, kidney problems.

The chain is shared in different WhatsApp groups and carries the following text:

"Suramine is the antidote to the COVID vaccine that is available to anyone. There is already a way to help those inoculated with the poison."

At the same time, includes a link that leads to the web page called The Archon, a site where you can watch a video of a man stating that Suramine detoxifies the body of people who were vaccinated against the coronavirus and who “Restores” your body.

It is also mentioned that suramine can be obtained in “anywhere” where you have pine trees and that the drug is used by the “world elite” for “combat” the apparent harmful effects of COVID-19 immunizers.

Publication made on the website El Arconte.

What is suramine and what is it for??

the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) indicates that is an antiparasitic drug that helps treat African trypanosomiasis, also known as sleeping sickness.

the World Health Organization (WHO) explains that this evil is endemic in 36 African countries and it is caused by parasites that are transmitted by infected tsetse flies.

The institution also points out that one of the drugs approved to combat sleeping sickness is suramine..

Both the WHO as the ASP clarify that Suramine must be given under prescription and it can cause injury to the kidneys, severe renal and hepatic impairment, allergic reactions and hypersensitivity to the compound.

Suramine Injection, fountain: Marco Rived Clinic.

Exists a study where it is noted that low-dose suramine may help treat autism. This research was conducted in the year 2017 and was disseminated on the site Autism Space. However, there is no research linking suramine to COVID-19.

If I got vacued I need to take any antidotes??

Not at all, COVID-19 immunizers are not harmful to people. The deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization, Jarbas Barbosa, during a press conference made the 27 In October, he said that all WHO-endorsed vaccines currently being distributed around the world went through “strict quality controls and clinical trials” before being declared safe and effective.

Barbosa also mentioned that vaccines have saved hundreds of thousands of lives across the planet and that they are a necessary weapon to combat COVID-19.

At no time did the health authority mention that people who have been vaccinated need any kind of antidote or a detoxifier..

the WHO also endorses vaccines and recommends all people to get vaccinated to reduce the risk of spreading the disease, avoid developing severe pictures of the disease.

You should not take any type of drug without first making a medical consultation.

The Ministry of Health and Sports warns that self-medication has different risks, especially poisoning. This institution recommends that no one self-medicated and that pharmacies sell drugs only with a prescription.

Bolivia Verifies clarified on different occasions that vaccines against the coronavirus do not have components harmful to health and that do not cause harm to people, on the contrary, save lives.

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