There is no evidence to show that vaccinated pilots died in mid-flight. – Bolivia Verifies
There is no evidence to show that vaccinated pilots died in mid-flight.

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There is no evidence to show that vaccinated pilots died in mid-flight.

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The affected airlines have debunked these falsehoods. Nowhere in the world has it been recorded that any pilot dies while flying because of the vaccine.

In Telegram groups where people from La Paz are, Potosi, Oruro and Chuquisaca circulate a message that ensures that pilots of US airlines do not want to be vaccinated because several colleagues from other lines have died while flying because of the COVID-19 vaccine. This information is false.

The message they share is as follows:

Vaccinated pilots fall dead in mid-flight

Pilots at Southwest Airlines and other major U.S. airlines have good reason to resist vaccination mandates.. His fellow flighters who had taken the controversial Covid-19 vaccine have been falling dead on both domestic and international flights..

They also attach a link where they mention that in the airline Delta there was a case of a pilot who died while flying. Similar cases would have been registered in the American Airlines, in that case the victims are allegedly a pilot and a co-pilot. All would have died from the vaccine in the United States. All this information is false. It was denied by other verifiers (1, 2) and by the same companies.

U.S. Pilot Protests Not Due to Vaccine Deaths

While it is true that the Southwest Airline Pilots Union began a protest against mandatory vaccination of pilots, it's not because they're against vaccines or because they think it's dangerous. Their protest raises the call for vaccination to be organized with them, as it may involve pilot casualties for a few days, in case of having any side effects.

"We are by no means anti-vaccine., but our pilots are very concerned about how their medical affairs will be handled in case they can't fly.", said the president of the union, Casey Murray, to The Associated Press. He clarified that the pilots did not make a stoppage because they do not want to be vaccinated.

There was not a death on Delta Airline from the vaccine

the note published on 27 October, which is attached to the Telegram message, is as follows:

"The Dr. Jane Ruby claimed on the Stew Peters Show that a Delta Airlines pilot was killed during the flight., shortly after the pilot received a second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine".

Bolivia Verifica tracked down these statements and indeed in that program that doctor poured those statements, the 11 October of this year. However, according to the agency Reuters, this space often shares misinformation about the coronavirus. The Reuters agency contacted both the program and the guest to have more information about the alleged deceased pilot, flight number or some other reference, but they had no response.

The 13 October, Delta Company Issued a statement to deny these alleged accusations: "Delta is aware of reports suggesting that one of the airline's pilots died from complications from the vaccine while operating a flight., resulting in an emergency landing. All these accusations are false. The pandemic has been an incredibly tragic time for many, and our hearts go out to the hundreds of thousands of families of those who have died from the horrific virus.".

In addition, according to the verifier Politifact, through the website Aviation Global Incident Map aviation incidents and accidents can be traced. According to the note that is shared on Telegram, the co-pilot on board the plane controlled by the deceased pilot had to make an emergency landing. but, according to this web portal, of the 26 from September to September 11 of October there were no emergency landings of delta airline or any related to it.

The alleged emergency landing was sought in Google and it was not found that any media outlet reported it. therefore, the existence of this alleged fact is false.

No American Airlines pilots killed by vaccine

Another case that mentions the note that attaches the Telegram message is an alleged case that occurred on 15 October on an American Airlines flight departing from Dallas. The flight 2740, in an Airbus A320. They claim that the pilot died in mid-flight and the co-pilot managed to land the plane.

In the second case, they relate it to American Airlines.. In this case the co-pilot would be the deceased. They claim that it happened a week after the first.

The portal Lead Stories contacted American Airlines to inquire about these two cases. It denied that they are true.. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, also consulted on this subject by that means, stated that "six airline pilots have died in flight since 2000, and the most recent occurred in 2017. Airlines must report these events to the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board.”.

Therefore, recently, no such cases were recorded.

Bolivia Verifica corroborated on the website Aviation Global Incident Map and there were no Incidents related to American Airlines from late September to October. In addition, reviewed the flights scheduled on those dates on the American Airlines website (1, 2) Y, according to your portal, the flights of those days arrived without problems.

This content is elaborated with the collaboration of the PAHO/WHO Bolivia.

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