AstraZeneca vaccine does not contain lung tissue from an aborted fetus – Bolivia Verifies
AstraZeneca vaccine does not contain lung tissue from an aborted fetus

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AstraZeneca vaccine does not contain lung tissue from an aborted fetus

In a video they warn that this product contains "fetal cells" that will be embedded in vaccination campaigns against COVID-19

A video warns that the vaccine against the coronavirus of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, is performed with lung tissue of the human fetus.

"This is a fact, is the packaging of AstraZeneca", starts the voiceover of a video circulating this week on social networks, where it shows a supposed box of the pharmaceutical, which is one of those in the race to finish the vaccine against COVID-19, warning that in its specifications it says that fourteen-month-old aborted male lung tissue was used. The content of this video is fake.

this video chained on Facebook and WhatsApp, warning of the dangers of the vaccine against COVID-19, from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, indicating that in the same box are the specifications citing that the human MRC-5 cell line was used.

"And my message is that this is right in front of your face., that this is in the vaccine", alerts the voice with Spanish tone, while showing the meaning of DNA recombination on Wikipedia.

He says most people see "complicated" scientific terms, skips that part of the specifications. "No, let's look for it!", Advises.

It shows that looking for the result of what MRC-5 means it is found that it is originally developed from the lung tissue of the fetus of a fourteen-week-old aborted Caucasian male.. "There you have it. This COVID-19 vaccine that everyone says will save the world, contains lung tissue from an aborted fetus".

According to the video, which is translated into different languages, this vaccine will make millions of people sick and killed around the world.

This video uses a publication from the virtual encyclopedia Wikipedia as a reference; However, does not display the entire contents of the article.

Vaccines do not contain cell tissues from aborted fetuses

In the video it is advisable to go to the repository of scientific "pre-publications" Research Square, where he supposedly finds a text in English of the ChAdOx1 vaccine that is being carried out by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca with the University of Oxford.

Research Square, is a platform that has science documents that have not been validated by scientists independent of the study.

"I make this video so you can learn to inquire for yourselves", says the person showing the images on a screen.

Finding the supposed box of this vaccine, reads "MRC-5", whose meaning is searched on Wikipedia in this video.

When searching about MRC-5 on Wikipedia, it effectively says that it is a cell culture line originally developed from the "lung tissue of a fourteen-week aborted Caucasian male fetus..

However that Wikipedia publication adds that the cell line was isolated by JP Jacobs and his colleagues in September 1966 from the seventh "doubling" of the population of the original strain.

"Mrc-5 cells themselves are known to achieve senescence in around 45 population duplications", indicates this web portal.

From the cells of that line, vaccines have been produced for MMR, for chickenpox and polio.

I mean, those cells have been duplicated for different types of vaccines, were not taken from fetuses.

And the fetus?

According to the website History of vaccines, these cells were found after a therapeutic abortion, where the fetus was found to have some serious illness.

It was not an abortion performed to investigate the fetus, it was the subsequent analysis that resulted in tissue removal, where the cell lines came from.

No new fabrics have been used to maintain this line since then, i.e. from 1966.

The "History of Vaccines" website is a member of the Vaccine Safety Net project (VSN) led by the World Health Organization (WHO).

one previous verification of ensures that no vaccine contains cells from aborted fetuses.

"To generate these viruses you have to cultivate them, and that cannot be done on any surface.", Explains.

then, viruses need cells to infect to survive, and the most efficient option is the use of cell cultures, "cells that are grown in an artificial environment in a controlled way".

Vaccine status

The British company AstraZeneca stands out in its web portal that the "AZD1222" vaccine reached the criterion of "primary effectiveness assessment" in the prevention of COVID-19, according to report of the 23 Of November.

This report refers to the "high-level positive" results of an intermediate analysis of clinical trials of AZD1222 in the UK and Brazil, showed the vaccine was "very effective" in preventing COVID-19.

The primary endpoint, is that "no hospitalizations or severe cases of the disease were reported in the participants who received the treatment", indicates your report.

What's next, according to the pharmaceutical company is to prepare "immediately" the regulatory presentation of the data to authorities around the world "who have an established framework" for conditional or advance approval.