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What jokes circulated on this April Fool's Day?

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What jokes circulated on this April Fool's Day?

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every 28 December is remembered in several countries the Day of the Holy Innocents, day in which jokes of all kinds are made. On social networks several taunts were spread and a lot fell. Let's see which were the ones that circulated on Facebook.

1. Evo is dead?

No, He's not dead. It is one of the jokes that has circulated by Facebook and that so far was shared 46 times. However, Evo Morales shared a post on Twiiter concerning the mining women who went on hunger strike during the government of Hugo Bánzer Suárez in 1977. Nor did there be any news in the traditional media regarding the former president and an accident..

2. Will a president no longer lecture in the mornings??

The President of Mexico, Andres Lopez Obrador, he said that there will no longer be press conferences in the mornings and that they would only meet every Wednesday at noon and that bulletins would also be sent out.. Minutes later, almost at the end of your presentation, Mentioned: That's why I'm not telling you anymore that yes we're going to continue to have the mornings., nothing more than today is 28. It's Holy Innocents Day. How do you think we're not going to have the mornings? It would rub all the conservative press, Subsidized (…).

3. Gabriela Zegarra goes to Unitel?

Within the Bolivian show was known through Facebook a supposed news that indicated that the driver of The Network One, Gabriela Zegarra, he was going to Unitel to host the program Yo Me llamo. This post was made by the page “Telenovelas Bolivia”. The post went viral 83 times and within the comments the administrators clarified that it was a joke with the hashtag #FelizDíaDeLosInocentes.

4. Jokes within advertising

Believe it or not, companies also take advantage of this day to make their jokes and promote their products. Such is the case of the Audi car factory that shared on its digital platforms about a car that changes color. Seriously? No, there is no car that changes like a chameleon. But the company did handle from the beginning the hashtag that announces that it is false.

A bit of history…

During this day the jokes, they are not only through social networks but also in a personal way, there are peaky or heavy taunts, but a lot of people, who is aware of the date, know you have to be alert to what you're told so you don't fall. Or like others, yes they believe it.

But quite apart from that., do you know the true story of April Fools' Day?. The media “Truth with Ink” made a compilation of historical fragments that were disseminated in books where they tell what happened.

It all started when Herod, the king of Judea, promises a prize to all mothers in Bethlehem who have sons and who are under 2 years. However, they didn't expect to find a heartbreaking event. Cingo, one of the king's keepers, he was ordered to execute all the children who arrived..

"When are the awards distributed sir? I'm in a hurry, the chores of the house await me", was the innocent woman's question.

"Right now you will be free and owner of your will", Cingo replied, a black slave from Africa, the closest to Herod. At that moment the man pulled one of the children of the woman in his arms and slammed it into the angle of a wall, this being the signal that the other executioners expected. Heads were cut off, others thrown against the ground, as women tried to fight the strength of those muscular slaves.

more than 60 children were killed that morning. There were mothers who fainted, others who tried to fight with the executioners and those who were powerless crying in the river of blood. (fountain: Truth with Ink)

It is in this way that the Catholic Church called today as the Day of the Holy Innocents.