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Yes, Pedro Montenegro was extradited to Brazil

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Yes, Pedro Montenegro was extradited to Brazil

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this 29 November 2019, approximately the 10.00 in the morning the news was announced that Pedro Montenegro, wanted by brazilian justice for drug trafficking, he was taken out of Palmasola prison and taken to the FAB air base at El Trompillo airport. (Santa Cruz). From there he was transferred by helicopter to Corumbá, border between Brazil and Bolivia, place where he would be handed over to the Police.

In October, the supreme resolution was signed for Montenegro to be transferred and handed over to Brazil for the crime of cocaine trafficking.. Today it was executed in a surprise way,

Montenegro's lawyer, April Gongora, told EL DEBER Radio that when he was arriving at palmasola prison this Friday he was surprised that his defendant had already been transferred to El Trompillo airport. He denounced that the procedure is irregular and that he was not notified of the judicial action for extradition that will be applied this Friday. (The Duty)

In the 2015 Pedro Montenegro sent 1,3 of tons of cocaine to Europe. In Bolivia he was sentenced for the crime of falsification and falsification of documents, and illicit profits.

Photos: Ministry of Government

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