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What is known about the so-called “COVID fingers”?

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What is known about the so-called “COVID fingers”?

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No case of the condition was registered in Bolivia however some images circulate on social networks so we tell you what we investigate about it

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Strange lesions and inflammations appear between the toes and fingers, they are similar to chilblains. A study determines that this may be a symptom of the coronavirus called "COVID fingers". On social networks, these symptoms are alerted with photographs of the injuries to the feet When do the ailments occur and what consequences do they have?? Doctors explain that this symptom is no longer recorded much today because people are getting vaccinated against the virus.. Here we tell you more about it.

Researchers, of the University of Paris in France analyzed the skin and blood of 50 people who had swollen, reddish fingers, participants were carriers of COVID-19. The studies were published in the scientific journal British Journal of Dermatology and indicate the following:

“The study dates from the 4 October 2020 and explains that the COVID-19 virus can cause vascular damage which would cause the toes and fingers to become inflamed and red., in some cases lesions similar to chilblains appear”.

The study itself published in the journal British Journal of Dermatology says some people may suffer from swelling and redness of their fingers after contracting the coronavirus, due to some abnormalities in blood clotting.

The British Journal of Dermatology is a peer-reviewed medical journal covering the field of dermatology.

Research indicates that these symptoms go through on their own and that in some cases, treatment with creams or medications may be required.

It is also specified that this disease was most often seen in children and young adults during the year. 2020. Although a large number of cases of people with swollen fingers with some injuries have been seen, the study indicates that it has not been possible to demonstrate that the definitive cause of the disease is the coronavirus.

Images published by the British Journal of Dermatology.

Dermatologists explained to the German channel dw that this type of injury was seen “pretty much” during the first wave of coronavirus in the 2020, but which occurred less frequently with other variants of COVID-19. I mean, that the condition is less common with other mutations of the virus and that the decrease in these cases could also be due to more people being immunized.

In the case of Bolivia, the former head of the Emergency Unit of the Hospital de Clínicas, Guillermo Ortega and the doctor member of the Ministry of Health, Cristina Macuchapi, explained that at the beginning of the pandemic they saw “few cases” of this type. Both professionals report that these types of cases have not been registered in the medical establishments of La Paz.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has included in your list of COVID-19 symptoms, rashes or color changes in the fingers or toes.

the WHO and the Pan American Health Organization recommend people get a COVID-19 vaccine to avoid severe symptoms of the disease, hospitalization and possible death.

  • This content is developed with the collaboration of PAHO/WHO Bolivia.

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