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What happens if the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine is delayed?

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What happens if the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine is delayed?

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Experts and health officials recommend completing the vaccination schedule, even if the indicated time was passed

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What happens if I get a month after the estimated time the second dose of the vaccine?, Is it less effective or no longer useful?, that is the question that a Cochabamba follower asked Bolivia Verifica through our WhatsApp contact which is the 62535868.

Different health experts say that if the application of the second dose is delayed, a person might be more vulnerable to catching coronavirus; here we explain what is known so far.

In Bolivia apply five types of vaccines against COVID-19, Including, there are Pfizer's formulas, Sinopharm, Sputnik V, AstraZeneca and Jansen of Johnson & Johnson. All but Jansen, require two doses to be applied in an estimated time interval described below:

  • Sinopharm: According to the Vaccinator's Manual of Argentina, your second dose may be given with an interval of 21 to 28 days.
  • Sputnik V: the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bolivia indicates that after the first dose you can wait until 180 days to apply the second.
  • AstraZeneca: according to your prospectus, the second dose can be applied to 70 o 90 days after the first one has been applied.
  • Pfizer: After the first dose the second can be given 21 to 42 days after, this is indicated by your prospectus.

What happens if vaccines are given outside the set time?

We pass this question on to the epidemiologist with extensive experience in public health, Jaqueline Lamb, who answered the following:

"The second dose is given normally, the vaccination schedule must be completed in the case that they are vaccines with two doses, it doesn't matter that that time has passed (one month). In terms of effectiveness, is still under study, there is nothing completely defined specifically. Ideally, the schema is completed, when we make the first vaccine, the organism generates the defenses, with the second dose we would be consolidating immunity", Expressed.

The graduate in Nursing who supports vaccination campaigns against COVID-19 in the municipality of Cotoca- Santa Cruz, Luis Villca, said to Bolivia Verifies that if a person postpones the time to receive the second dose they risk getting sick with coronavirus.

"If you only get one dose of the vaccine there is no risk., that is, it will not hurt you, nor will the effectiveness be lost, but you will be half immunized and can get sick with COVID-19, that is why it is very important that people attend to receive their second dose in the established time”, explains the health professional.

Also consulted the doctor member of the Ministry of Health and responsible for the vaccination point located at the Infocal Institute of El Alto, Cristina Macuchapi, who explained that even if the person takes time to receive the second dose, you must complete the schema.

"There were those cases where they've been delayed by almost a month., those people are getting their second dose of the vaccine normally. We do not have an instruction that you should change the vaccine, the immunized person is already registered in the system and cannot get the first dose back”, Indicated.

The health official said that person should be placed the second dose of the vaccine even if it has taken a month or more of the established time., “if the second dose is not given, its protection is low", noted.

The Colombian surgeon and epidemiologist with specialization in Occupational Medicine, Oswaldo Restrepo, indicates in your YouTube channel that postponing the application of the second doses of the vaccines for a few weeks does not compromise their efficacy., but also mentions that there is not enough research on the matter yet.. His words can be seen from the minute 02:50 from the following video.

A video prepared by the verifier RTVE and the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges indicates that a person you should not worry if your second dose of the vaccine is delayed against the coronavirus due to shortages, vacation, because you forgot or because of other factors, because with the first injection there is already a certain degree of protection.

At the same time, it is clarified that the first dose received is not invalidated.

It is also explained that in case of delay or forgetfulness, the second dose of the vaccine should be given “ASAP” and it is made clear that immunizers are the safest way to protect the body from the effects of the coronavirus.


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