Ivermectin does not prevent COVID-19 as indicated by the municipal secretary of Health of Tarija – Bolivia Verifies
Ivermectin does not prevent COVID-19 as indicated by the municipal secretary of Health of Tarija

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Ivermectin does not prevent COVID-19 as indicated by the municipal secretary of Health of Tarija

The Mayor's Office of Tarijeña distributes this drug as a measure “preventive” against the coronavirus, despite the fact that international health organizations do not recommend it

Publication made by the Autonomous Municipal Government of Tarija and shared by the Secretary of Health, Paul Mendoza.

The Secretariat of Health of the Autonomous Municipal Government of Tarija that is in charge of Paúl Mendoza Pino, delivered doses of ivermectin in different districts of this city with the argument of “warn” covid-19 infections, although this medicine is not recommended as “preventive” by international health agencies.

Through Facebook, Mendoza says this is a way to avoid the disease, but ivermectin was not proven to help prevent the coronavirus, even, its use as prevention is discouraged, therefore, the speech of the municipal secretary is considered false.

What is ivermectin?

It is a drug that reduces and fights parasites, the World Health Organization (WHO) included it in the list of essential drugs and indicates that it serves to treat the onchocerciasis, illness caused by the larvae of the black fly and that can generate blindness. It also helps cure scabies and strongyloidiasis, disease that causes diarrhea, cough, abdominal pain, among others.

In summary, the drug is good for treating and curing various diseases caused by parasites, is indicated for use in humans and animals, although the presentation for each is different.

Ivermectin in capsules, fountain: Diario Do Nordeste.

Health campaign to prevent COVID-19 in Tarija

  • "The Secretary of Health of the Municipal Government makes the delivery of doses of ivermectin to all merchants and families who attend the supply centers as part of the prevention actions against COVID-19".

That is the description of one of the activities developed in July in the city of Tarija in order to prevent the disease. These actions were also reflected on the Facebook page of the Municipal Autonomous Government of Tarija and in the account of the municipal secretary of Health Paul Mendoza.

Why the discourse of the authority and the Secretariat it directs is considered false?

Although WHO included ivermectin in its list of essential medicines, advised against its use to treat COVID-19.

this institution indicated the 31 March 2021 that a group of independent international experts composed of physicians experienced in clinical care of various specialties, an ethics specialist and representatives of patient associations developed trials on ivermectin to fight the coronavirus.

They were carried out 16 trials involving 2.407 outpatient and inpatient COVID-19 patients. The results indicated that the likelihood of ivermectin reducing mortality, the need for automatic respirators, hospitalization and time of improvement of the sick was “unreliable”.

WHO also made it clear that the group of experts "did not study the administration of ivermectin as a prevention of COVID-19". However the determination of the institution is inconclusive and it is recommended to use the drug “only in clinical trials”.

A research paper published by Science Direct (Direct Science) ensures that ivermectin is the only treatment that has the ability to reduce the virus that causes COVID-19 5.000 times in 48 hours, but in vitro, I mean, inside a glass and in a laboratory.

Based on that article, the FDA stated that additional evidence is still needed to determine if ivermectin can be indicated to prevent or treat COVID-19. The institution also clarifies that there is no authorization for the emergency use of this drug in the United States to prevent or combat the coronavirus.

The in vitro study awakened hope in latin american countries where it is consumed, but there is a lack of evidence on the efficacy of ivermectin in preventing or treating the coronavirus, according to a report by the German media Deutsche Welle dw.

Ivermectin in Bolivia

The drug can be easily obtained in pharmacies and veterinarians, its cost ranges from Bs 4 to Bs 15.

The Ministry of Health approved the 12 Of May of May of 2020 the use of ivermectin against COVID-19, but with prior informed consent. I mean, that doctors should tell coronavirus patients that the drug was still there “to test”.

Adverse Effects of ivermectin

The drug is approved to treat and cure certain conditions, but you can have Contraindications as nausea, Vomiting, diarrhoea, rash, stomach pain, Seizures, confusion, low blood pressure, swelling of the extremities and face, among others.

What does the tarijeña authority say?

Bolivia Verifies contacted the municipal secretary of health, Paul Mendoza, who confirmed that they continue to distribute ivermectin to the population of “preventive way”.

He was asked if there was a study indicating that ivermectin prevents COVID-19 on which the Mayor's Office of Tarijeña is based to distribute the drug, Mendoza replied that the Municipal Secretary of Health did not carry out these studies and assured that there are “WHO reports”, “of Europe” Y “of Brazil” who recommend ivermectin.

Bolivia Verifica told Mendoza twice that both the WHO and the FDA advised against the consumption of ivermectin to prevent COVID-19, but the authority went on to state that this body recommended its use and indicated that there are studies about it in different books.

BV- Are there any studies that the Ministry of Health is relying on to ensure that ivermectin prevents the coronavirus?. We asked you this because the WHO and FDA advise against the use of this drug to prevent or treat COVID-19?

Paul Mendoza.- “There is no study in Bolivia, studies of Bolivian pharmacology and the use of ivermectin do so through the WHO or the Pan American Health Organization. These world organizations recommend this drug and ivermectin is given everywhere in Bolivia. Tarija is no exception, within the treatment of COVID-19 we give ivermectin (…). Ivermectin is an antiparasitic, is not an antiviral, but if it acts as an antiviral because it protects the cell against a parasito and when the virus comes the cell is already protected, the virus no longer enters the cell in a 100%. The viral load goes down when you take ivermectin in a 20%, those are studies that were given in the different books, that's why who recommends giving ivermectin”.

BV- WHO advises against taking ivermectin to prevent COVID-19, but you say that this institution recommends it, here is a contradiction.

mendoza- In Bolivia it has been listed among Bolivian pharmacies. When a product is sold in pharmacies, it means that it is already approved within the Bolivian pharmacology and they sell it in pharmacies to ivermectin, that's why we also distribute it”.


As we explain in this note, ivermectin proved effective against COVID-19, but in vitro, i.e. under laboratory conditions. WHO advised against its use to treat or prevent the coronavirus, only recommends the drug for clinical trials.

On Mendoza's claims, PAHO/WHO responded to Bolivia Verifies that they are “fake”. The WHO denied a change of position regarding ivermectin as it was led to believe through a post that was shared on social networks.

WHO has not changed its recommendations on ivermectin. Meta-analysis study is still ongoing”, clarified this body in a publication February 2021.

The cited I am a student to which the WHO refers is a Preprint. In the academic publication a Preprint is a version of a manuscript before peer review, who will certify or not its publication.

The study clarifies that the publication of this type of work "should not be interpreted as an endorsement of its validity or suitability for dissemination as established information or to guide clinical practice".

In the publication summary, explains that "ivermectin must be validated in larger and properly controlled randomised trials before the results are sufficient for review by regulatory authorities".

The president of the Science Clubs Foundation Bolivia, Omar Gandarilla, said that in the specific case of ivermectin, "there are no strong data" to prescribe it, because the collated studies did not give results that reflect changes in the body of the people who take it.

One of the studies that met all the phases of scientific rigor was carried out in Cali-Colombia, whose results revealed that this product did not prevent the progression of the disease, infection, mortality and hospital stay. "All that remained the same, both those who received ivermectin, as those who did not receive", told Bolivia Verifies the head of the Infectology Service of the Cardiovascular Hospital of Cundinamarca in Bogotá, Henry Mendoza.

this I am a student was published in March 2021 by the Scientific Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). JAMA is a peer-reviewed medical journal published by the American Medical Association.

I mean, there are no scientific studies proven outside a laboratory that ivermectin prevents or cures COVID-19. Bolivia Verifies made different notes denying the supposed benefits of ivermectin against the coronavirus, if you want to read them click on the following titles:

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