Photo of Salvador Romero and Carlos Mesa is true – Bolivia Verifies
Photo of Salvador Romero and Carlos Mesa is true

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Photo of Salvador Romero and Carlos Mesa is true

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On social networks, a photograph began to spread where the new member of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal appears (Tse), Salvador Romero Ballivián, and the former candidate for the presidency by Comunidad Ciudadana (cc), Carlos Mesa. The photograph is from the month of November 2013, during the Presidential Elections held in Honduras.

To verify the authenticity of the image, Bolivia Verifica contacted Romero by telephone.. The member said that the “photography is authentic” and that it was in a meeting of Bolivian people who were working on the electoral process of Honduras.

“I was director of the National Democratic Institute in Honduras and Carlos Mesa was part of an international observation delegation of the Carter Center along with the president. (from Panama) Martin Torrijos”, Romero explained.

As background, in the 2004 the Executive Branch appointed Romero as an electoral member. Despite having a diplomatic relationship with Carlos Mesa, different opinions have emerged in the PR. SS on the candidacy of Mesa in the elections of the 2020. Romero said that in his position as a new member consists of total objectivity. “The electoral management body commits absolute impartiality with respect to all candidates”, Remarked.

Salvador Romero Ballivián holds a PhD in Political Sociology. in 1995 was appointed by the National Congress as a member of the Departmental Electoral Court of La Paz. The 2004, during the government of Carlos Mesa, was appointed as a member of the National Electoral Court. While the 25 November 2019 was appointed by President Jeanine Áñez as the new member of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

The appointment of Romero by Áñez is given within the framework of the article 206 paragraph III of the Political Constitution of the State which establishes that the “Plurinational Legislative Assembly, by two-thirds of the votes of the members present, elect six of the members of the Plurinational Electoral Body. The President or the President of the State shall appoint one of its members”.


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