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App Bolivia Verifies

Bolivia Verifies

We are an independent, non-profit, political-leaning digital media outlet that engages in fake news verification (fake news) and public discourse to fight disinformation and improve democratic participation.

The App can be obtained in the AppStore or Google Play:

The new App will provide greater benefits for you:

  • Receive immediate notifications when a note is published in Bolivia Verifies.
  • Stop the chains of misinformation circulating on your social networks by quickly sending verifications.
  • Get quick access to bolivia's database Verifica.
  • Register the topics of your interest, and saves notifications for later reading.
  • Send our team of journalists material to verify. As news, memes, links and others that you consider should be verified.
  • You can play from wherever you want the podcasts and videos that come out in Bolivia Verifica.